As of June 2nd, 2020, Xeno has been sponsored by Rogue Energy!


What is Rogue Energy? 


Rogue Energy is a low priced, high-quality energy drink brand for gamers of all types. Rogue Energy has 7 different flavors to chose from. Rogue Energy doesn't only sell Energy Drink but also Shakers, Merch, and Drink Bundles/Boxes! Use Code 'XENO3' for %5 off your next order



As of June 3rd, 2020, Xeno has been sponsored by Galvanized Grips!


What is Galvanized Grips?


Galvanized Grips is the best place to get controller grips. They provide comfortable grips for competitive players like us! Starting at only $2 you can get yourself a pair of grips. You thought that was cheap? Well it doesn't stop there, if you use the code Xeno at checkout you can get it 10% off! Use code Xeno for 10% off your next order!